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Hard work pays off. Once you're able to start saving and regularly managing your credit, a large purchase, like a home or a car, or starting a business may be on the horizon for you. These milestones, in turn, can help you build a strong financial foundation, not only for yourself but for future generations to come.

A long-term goal like building generational wealth relies, in part, on access to capital and other resources often hard to find in the Black community. But it also relies on the healthy habits and financial plan you've followed to get here.

The resources below, powered by TransUnion®, can help you maintain and amplify the hard work you've put in to create a secure financial future.

To continue stretching to prosperity on your credit journey, we'll explore: 

  • Understanding of advanced financial practices, such as investing

  • Maintaining and increasing your credit score

  • Buying a home or making other large purchases


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