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Clean Neighborhood


The mission of the NAACP includes recognizing and advocating for civil rights whenever advancement historically has been limited; and

WHEREAS, Discriminatory housing policies created conditions through state-sponsored segregation that limited access and opportunities for Black Americans, ultimately instituting a racial wealth gap that has been perpetuated through the reinforcement of residential segregation patterns, and fueled by government housing policies that were purported to prohibit discrimination; and

WHEREAS, Housing segregation persists because of these factors: federal and state housing programs that forced Black families into public housing by strategically limiting the schools and accommodations for Black people to one area, followed by the limitation of resources, the migration of power plants and high pollution manufacturing companies to the predominantly Black areas, the denial of access to equal education through the underfunding of predominantly Black public schools, and the refusal of equal employment opportunities as a result of restricted access to the city center and its job market; and

WHEREAS, Governments used infrastructure redevelopment programs, under the guise of urban renewal, to build highways that further segregate Black communities, and contemporaneously, the Federal Housing Administration implemented racially restrictive covenants to form segregated all-White neighborhoods.

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